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            Department of Anatomy was functioning from August 2010.  It has a good infrastructure with the following sub structures within it.
  1. A Dissection Hall
  2. Histology lab
  3. Demo Halls (2) Nos.
  4. Research lab
  5. Museum
  6. Burial ground
  7. Library
  8. Faculty rooms
  9. Cadaver storage tanks
With the support of the faculties and other staff members the department does its eminent job smoothing.
Periodic Academic Activities:
            Daily morning 8.00AM to 11.00AM- dissection hour
            Weekly 3 theory classes – From 12.00 Noon to 1.00 PM
            Theory classes includes classes for
  1. Gross Anatomy
  2. Histology and
  3. Embryology
Demonstration classes for
  1. Osteology
  2. Radiology and
  3. Surface marking
Laboratory classes for
       histology slides demonstration
       Specimens demonstration
Regular internal assessment exams are being conducted along with their corresponding practical exams.
      Unit class test are also conducted every week to enable the students to read the syllabus upto date.
      Diagram test for gross anatomy and histology are also conducted to enable the students to get well practiced in their diagrams.
      To encourage the students and create interest in the subject  Quiz competition are also conducted.
      Short discussions, seminars and symposiums are also conducted to enable the students to exhibit their hidden talents.
      Good diagrammatic records are drawn by the students for gross anatomy and histology separately following strict Universal colour codings for anatomy.
      Students are encouraged to dissect on their own with the guidance of the faculties and discussed further in detail.
      Theory classes are being taken by the faculty members with the help of latest technology like LCD presentations, 3D animations, Live dissection presentations, OHP etc.
      Universal colour coding is followed for while drawing diagrams in the black boards.
      Regularly Internal Assessment marks and Attendance percentage are being sent to the Head of the Institution.
      At the end of the year, Modal Exams with University pattern are  also been held to enable the students to take the University exam.
      Cadaver Registration System:
                  Cadaver donation is encouraged from the local society and donated cadavers are Embalmed as per the MCI norms.
Prizes and  Awards Won:
      The students have won the prize in a Quiz competition held by Elsiever Publications.
    One CME programme was conducted in the year 2010 along with the workshop.

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