::: : Bio Medical Waste Management

Bio-Medical Waste management
Objective :
 Safe disposal of Hospital waste.
 Management Team :
Nodal Officer, RMO, Matron, Head  Staff Nurse and others.


Categorization of Waste:
  1. Twin Bin 15 Litres: Solid Waste(Plastic)-Tubings, Catheters, Intra Venous sets, Syringes
  2. Red Bin 15  Litres: Soiled Waste- Soiled cotton, soiled dressings, soiled plaster of paris, etc.,
  3. Blue Bin: Broken glass, Ampoules, Vials.
  4. Black Bin: Discarded Medicines- Expired medicines, Cytotoxic drugs, Radio Active wastes.
  5. Yellow Bin: Human/Animal Waste- Body parts, organs, Tissues, Placenta, Carcasses, etc.,
  6. Green Bin: General Waste- Food items, plastic covers, Needle covers, Non infected plaster of paris, etc
Regional Centers :
Bio Medical Waste of our college collected by Medico Enviro Systems, Thanjavur.
Training on Waste Management :
 Periodical training  planed for Doctors,  Staff Nurses, Technicians , Hospital workers and students.

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