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Government Thiruvarur Medical College, Thiruvarur
College Council Committee

Chair Person:    Dr.J.Muthukumaran M.S., M.Ch.,

  1. Dr.G.Rajaram, MD, Vice Principal
  2. Dr. P.S. Chitra, Professor / Anatomy
  3. Dr.R. Anjana,  Associate Professor/ Anatomy
  4. Dr.C.C. Umayal, Professor / Physiology
  5. Dr.S. Kavitha, Associate Professor/ Physiology
  6. Dr.G. Komala, Professor /Bio-Chemistry
  7. Dr.S.Sumathy, Associate Professor/ Bio-Chemistry
  8. Dr.Subha, Professor/Micro-Biology
  9. Dr.V.Vasuki, Associate Professor/Micro-Biology
  10. Dr.R. Sivakumar, HOD in Charge/ Forensic Medicine
  11. Dr.V. Madhankumar, HOD in Charge/Social and Preventive Medicine
  12. Dr.R.S. Senthilkumar, In Charge / T.B. Respiratory
  13. Dr.R. Kannan,   Professor/Pediatrics
  14. Dr. P.Raja, Asso. Professor(Med. Superintendent)/ Paediatrics
  15. Dr. P.Sivabalan, Asso. Professor /General Surgery
  16. Dr.S.Abdul Hameed Ansari, Asso. Professor /Orthopaedics
  17. Dr.A.Prabha, Asso. Professor/O&G
  18. Dr.M.Jeyakumar, In Charge/Radio Diagnosis
  19. Dr.Lenin, Asso. Professor/Anesthesiology
  20. Dr.S.Thiruchelvi, In Charge /Physical Medicine & Rehabitation
  21. Dr.Vinayagavel, HOD / Dentistry
  22. Dr.M.Nataraj, Asso. Professor/General Medicine

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