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Medical Superintendent:   Dr.N.Muthuveeran , M.S. M.Ch.,(Nurology)
                                                      Medical Superintendent.

Sl.No. Name and Designation Supervising sections Sections works
Office Superintendent
  1. P&D and all schemes
  1. Medical Superintendent, Medical Officers, Administrative Officers and all “A&B” grade Officers Estt.
  1. Nursing Estt.
“E2(1)” & “E2(2)”
  1. Ministerial Staff Establishment
  1. Para Medical Staff Establishment
  1. All Last Grade Servants Establishment
  1. Medical Records Section
  1. Fair Copying of Computer section
Fair Copying Section
  1. Tapals Distribution of Despatch section
Tapal Section
Office Superintendent
  1. Stores(Surgical)
  1. Store(Medical)
  1. Store(Furniture stationeries of miscellaneous
  1. Stores(Diet)
  1. Accounts
  1. Budget and contingent bills
  1. Pay bill-A all Gazetted Officers and “A &B” grade officers and Nurses Establishment, Pay bills section
  1. Pay Bill-2 All Ministerial staff, para Medical staff and All last grade servants pay bill section
Ministerial Staff working in the Office of Dean, Govt. Thiruvarur Medical College Hospital and their present job functions.
Sl.No. Name and Designation Section Allotted Job Functions
1 Thiru. K.Muthuraman, Assistant P&D Section & Court Duties.
Special confidential,
GDP & CM Cell Petition Section.
Buildings, NRHM, AIDS Control Programme, Family Welfare Programme, National Blindness Control, National Savings Scheme & Court Case Dealings & Medical Boad.
2 Thiru. M.Moorthy, Assistant E1 Establishment duties of all Administrative Officers, Medical Officers, Office Superintendent, MSO, Chief Pharmacist, Chief X-Ray Technician, Nursing Superintendent Establishment Activities, Deputing them for training & Maintenance of JRs. SR’s.
3 Thiru. R.Janagarajan, Assistant S1 (Medicine Store) Medicine Store – Purchase of Medicine and Settlement of Bill Activities & CMCHIS Programme Activities & Purchases.
4 Thiru. G.Saravanan, Junior Assistnat S1 (Surgical Store) Surgical Store – Purchase of Surgical instruments & Machineries & Settlement of Bills. P.W.S., & HMF Activities & Purchases.
5 Thiru. Winston Churchill, Assistant E3(1) Ministerial Staff Establishment  Activities maintenance of their Service Registers, Deputing them for training etc., and Office Reception duties.
6 Thiru. T.Ravichandran, Junior Assistant E2(1) Nursing Establishment Activities maintenance of their Service Registers from Name Alphabetical order ‘A’ to ‘M’ (about 125 Staff)
7 Selvi. K.Sundari, Steno Typist Gr-III E2(2) Nursing Establishment Activities maintenance of their Service Registers, Deputing them for training etc., Name Alphabetical order ‘N’ to ‘Z’ (about 125 Staff)
8 Tmt. M.Jayabharathi, Junior Assistant Accountant & Cashier Maintenance of all Cash Records UDP, Permanent Advance, Cash Book and all Scheme Accounts and  X-Ray Receipts Collection.
9 Thiru. P.Raja, Junior Assistant E3(2) Pharmacist, Radiographer, Refractionist, Audio Metrician, House Keeper, Physiotherapist and other Paramedical Staff.
10 Thiru. S.Thirunavukkarasu, Junior Assistant E4 All last grade servants both Male & Female establishment – Activities and Maintenance of their Service Register.
11 Thiru. B.Baskar, Junior Assistant S2 Purchase of Linen, Furniture Stationery Activities, maintenance of Stock & Vehicles Section.
12 Thiru. S.Sekar, Junior Assistant A2 Maintenance of Budget Records, sending of R.E., Proposal, FMA and Final Surrender proposal, Number statement, preparation of contingent bills etc.,
13 Thiru. P.S. Thiyagarajan, Junior Assistant
B 1 Preparation of Pay Bills and Arrear claim Bill of Medical Superintendent and Medical Officer Establishment – all Staff Nurses pay bills sanction of their GPF Claims etc.,
14 Tmt. R.Hema, Steno Typist Gr-III B2 Preparation of Pay Bills of all Pharmacists  and Para Medical staff Ministerial staff and last grade servants and sanction of their GPF claims and sent the bills to Treasury activities.
15 Thiru. C.Kathamuthu, Record Clerk RC I Office Records maintenance & Contingent -  Bill Section To Receive and maintain all closed office Files and Records and Office Documents All Staff CL Account Maintenance to help in the Preparation of contingent Bills etc.,
16 Thiru. A.Ganesan, Record Clerk RC II Tabal Sections Distribution of Tabals to section and Despatch work of Tabals and to maintain.  Despatch & Stamp accounts
17 Tmt. K.Tamilarasi, Record Clerk JSY (RC III) & Family Welfare Compensation JSY Scheme & Family Welfare Programme Compensation payments & to help in maintenance of related Accounts.
18 Selvi. N.Rajeswari, Record Clerk Record (RC IV Clerk)
(Accounts Section)
Preparation of contingent Bills and to help in the maintenance of Account Records.
    RTI (Petitions) To attend all letters and petitions related to RTI.
19 Tmt. J.Selvarani, Record Clerk RC V Pay Bill Section To help in the Pay Bills, GPF bills preparation and finalization Bill works.  (Stitching of bills & Stamping seals etc.,)
20 Thiru. S.Karunanithi, Office Assistant OA- I, Pay Bill Section To Assist in preparation and finalization of pay bills and presentation of bills at Treasury Works.
21 Thiru. M.Sekar, Office Assistant O.A-II, for obtaining signatures also to attend out station works To Assist E1, E2(1), E2(2), E3(1), E3(2), E4 all Establishment sections for taking files to sections and officers.
22 Tmt. G.Vennila, Office Assistant OA –III Typing & To Assist in fair copying Section. To collect X-Ray charges in OP and also to Assist in typing and fair copying section to take xerox copies etc., and also to Assist  in computering section.
23 Tmt. S.Radhika, Office Assistant Office Assistant Typing & Statistics Section. To do Typewriting works to all section and also to help in computerization works and preparation & sending of Statistical reports and monthly performance reports.

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