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This department started  functioning from August 2010  with the college installation with minimal faculty  members and supportive staff members .

Academic Activities   - The department is involving in
  1. Teaching of undergraduate  MBBS students, DMLT students ,OT technician and Anaesthesia Technician students.
  2. Diagnostic Microbiology and
  3. TANSAC and RNTCP related   activities –supervision of ICTC, PPTCT and ART centre , CBNAAT attached with Govt  Thiruvarur Medical college.
 Undergraduate MBBS Course from 2011 October.100 students are taught and trained in this department in each academic year. Till now 7 batches of II MBBS students have successfully passed out with lot of distinctions and honours in The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University Examinations.  Para medical students were trained in our department since 2017. Students are being taught by structured lecture schedules, Informative demonstration classes and hands on practical exercises. Student’s laboratory is functioning well in the college.

Periodic Academic Activities:
  • Hospital –Biomedical waste management (BMWM) training programme is being conducted periodically  for all health care workers of our hospital.
  • Periodic Institutional Infection Control committee meetings in every month.
  • Red Ribbon Club activities- HIV/AIDS awareness
 Diagnostic Microbiology
            From 2011 July, Clinical Microbiology diagnostic work is functioning at the central Laboratory wing. The clinical diagnostic services are spread across all major branches of microbiology.
List of laboratory tests performed:

1.Staining : Grams  staining , Acid Fast staining (Ziehl Neelsens) for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and     Mycobacterium leprae,  Modified AFB for diagnosing oocyst in stool, Albert’s stain for C.diphtheriae

2. Culture &Sensitivity: For urine, blood, CSF, other body fluids ,stool ,wound swab, throat swab, pus and vaginal swabs.

3. Immuno Serological tests: WIDAL, ASO, RA factor, CRP, RPR and HIV testing,  Dengue Diagnostic testing - IgM capture ELISA  and NS1 Ag ELISA,  Chikungunya IgM ELISA , Japanese Encephalitis IgM ELISA,  HBsAg –ELISA & ICT,  Anti HCV antibody –ICT, Leptospira IgM ELISA ,Scrub typhus IgM ELISA

4.Mycology : KOH mount, Gram’s staining,LPCB mount for fungus, India ink preparation, Fungal culture.

5.Parasitology : Stool for ova/cyst. Saline wet mount, iodine wet mount.

6. Operation Theatre Surveillance.
7. Water and food analysis.
8. Swine flu - AH1N1 Nasal swab and throat swabs.
Average Lab statistics:  35,000 Average tests conducted /annum, 3000-3500 tests per month

                                      To conclude the department is in the process of development by doing timely diagnostic testing of various infectious diseases including emerging and re-emerging  infections, there by providing newer diagnostic services for better patient care and also will create a congenial environment for research in near future. As an achievement of our department, Virus Research and Diagnostic Laboratory(VRDL) has been approved in December 2018 by Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health and  Family Welfare , Government of India, as a part of implementation of the scheme “Establishment of a network of laboratory for managing epidemics and Natural calamities’’ to strengthen infrastructure of  viral diagnosis in Rural area in and around Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Thanjavur, Cuddalore and Pudukottai Districts. 

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