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                                   Department of Paediatrics was started in April 2010 with two units consisting of 30 beds each and over a decade it has grown to the present status of 80 beds with 2 units of 40 beds each along with fully functioning NICU and PICU. The department is headed by a Professor and each unit consists of one associate professor, one assistant professor, one senior resident and intern doctors as per the MCI requirements.
                                   The outpatient department has 2 examination rooms, a seminar room, demonstration room, immunization room and specialty clinic room.
The outpatient days for each unit are as follows: 
Monday, Wednesday & Friday Unit 1 Prof.Dr.R.Kannan
Tuesday, Thursday &  Saturday Unit 2 DR.P.Raja
Sunday By Rotation
                                   The patients are admitted to the ward by admitting units. Serious ill child and newborns are admitted to PICU and NICU respectively. One assistant professor and 3 intern doctors of that particular unit are on duty for 24 hours. Patients are seen and evaluated at outpatient from 7:30AM to 12:00 PM. After 12:00 PM till next day 7:30 AM, the patients are received at emergency department and attended by faculty on duty. The associate professors and professors are readily available for consultation/personal attendance wherever required.
Services provided by the department:

                                   The department provides facilities of free consultation for all pediatric patients who are examined, investigated and treated on out-patient basis. The needed patients are admitted to the ward/PICU as required. The patients can avail CMCHIS (Tamilnadu Government Health Insurance) benefits also.
                                    In pediatric wards, there are no bed charges and no charges for investigations and subsidized prices for x-rays and CT scans. MRI can be taken free of cost under CMCHIS scheme. The drugs are also provided free of cost. The food (2 meals and breakfast) is provided free of cost throughout the admission.

                                    Immunization clinics are carried out free of cost on every day between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. All the vaccines under national immunization schedule are given in our department. Since our district is endemic for Japanese encephalitis (JE) , the vaccination is done for JE also. Almost all the eligible neonates are covered for birth dose hepatitis B vaccine. Approximately 100 -120 babies are immunized every week.
                                    The department also runs various specialty clinics by the faculty and interns in the department OPD between 10.00AM to 12.00PM

These are the various specialty clinics running in our department:
S.No Day of the week Speciality Clinic Incharge
1 Monday Paediatric cardiology Dr.D.Kumaraguru
2 Tuesday Paediatric Neurology Dr.G.Santhosh
3 Wednesday Well baby Clinic DR.A.S.Vaanmathi
4 Thursday Child Guidance Clinic Dr. M.S.Balamurugan
5 Friday Paediatric Nephrology Dr.R.Raguvaran
6 Saturday Nutrition Dr.M.Ramachandran
Faculty list of our department:
PROFESSOR Dr.R.Kannan --
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Dr.D.Kumaraguru Dr.G.Santhosh
SENIOR RESIDENT Dr.A.S.Vaanmathi Dr.R.Raguvaran
                                       In addition to extensive general, speciality paediatric care and exclusive intra and extra mural neonatal care, our department has a good scope of academic and social activities. We have departmental library with more than 100 books and reputed journals in paediatrics. We also have periodic interesting clinical case discussion which would be fruitful for young budding students.
Academic and Social Activities:
  1. Every year, we celebrate world breast feeding week in a grand manner with functions for all 7 days, which includes awareness activities among mothers, general public, medical students, health care professionals and hospital staffs.
  2. In the same occasion we conduct breast feeding quiz competition, poster completion for students and nurses.
  3. There would be an outreach programme to non medical colleges too.
  4. Similarly , every year in the month of September we celebrate the national nutrition week programmme
  5. In concurrence with IAP, we conduct students quiz for prefinal and final year students.
  6. Periodic counseling and advises every month in the nutrion and well baby clinic regarding common myths and its solutions among general public in child rearing practices.
Publications from our department:
S.no Research article Faculty
1 Clinical profile and outcome of scorpion sting envenomation in children admitted in a tertiary care hospital Dr.R.Kannan
2 Etiological profile of febrile neutropenia in childhood malignancy Dr.P.Raja & Dr.Kannan
3 Cord blood bilirubin used as an early predictor of hyperbilirubunemia Dr.R.Kannan
4 Detection of Chlamydiae pneumonia and mycoplasma pneumonia in hospitalized children with community acquired pneumonia Dr.R.kannan & Dr.S.Agorasivan
5 Biochemical screening testsin the urine of mentally retarded children Dr.R.kannan & Dr.S.Agorasivan
Awards and Acheivements:
  1. Dr. Prasanth got first prize for an interesting case presentation ( A Case of Vanishing Testes Syndrome ) in an inter college event  as a part of UG BEACON 2018 CONFERENCE held at Velammal medical College , Madurai.
  2. Dr.E.Dinesh  Kumar has won the first prize for an interesting case presentation (Atypical presentation of Acute Lymphoblasic Leukemia ) in an inter college event  as a part of CHARM2018 IN chengalpattu medical college, September 2018 and again in GLANZENDO 2018 at Salem medical college.
Department Gallery:

Department faculties at world breast feeding week celebrations.

Dr.E.Dinesh kumar receiving award at CHARM2018.

Dr. Prasanth receiving award in UG BEACON 2018 CONFERENCE held at Velammal medical College , Madurai.

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