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This department  was started in November 2008 with OPD and Inpatient service.
OP dept:
It functions from 7.30 Am to 12.00 noon every day
Special clinics:
Well baby clinic and Immunization clinic :  on Wednesday’s
Seizure clinic                                         : on Thursday’s
Nutrition clinic                                      : on Monday’s
OP census:
Average OP in 2010                                    :  50-60/day
                   in 2012                                        : 100-150 cases/day
Inpatients services:
    PICU                                                          :  5 beds
    Paediatric ward                                            : 2 units with 30 beds each
    New born ward                                            :  20 beds
 All emergency paediatric  cases   are referred directly from casualty.
Admissions:  2-3 per day.

Cases handle:
  • Status Spilepticus, Scorpian envinomation presenting with shock, Myocardities
  • Snake Envinomation , Broncho pnuemonia with respiratory failure
  •  congenital heart disease with CHF
  • Cyanotic Heart disease with Hyper cyanotic spell
  • AGN with HT
  • We have protocol for management of all cases  and we follow the same treatment.
Paediatric ward:
We have 120-150 admissions/month

Room for out Born Babies:

New born ward:
Open care system warmer     : 15
incubator                               : 1
Phototherapy unit                   : 6
Level 3                                   : We admit sick cases
Level 2                                   : step down from level 3
Level 1                                   : Step down from level 2 and cases admitted for observation   
                                               from maternity wards.
Staff position: 
  • Regular staff nurses trained in new born care and NRHM staffs trained in New Born resuscitation and essential NB care work round the clock.
  • Death audit is conducted monthly by NRHM Regional Director for NB death cases.
Teaching Programme:
UG students ( first Clinical year) are posted in Batches at paediatric dept. from April 2012.  They attend paediatric OPD and Ward.  We have two clinical sessions.  At the end of the postings symposium is conducted in ward for the students.
on every Saturday’s  paediatric teaching faculties discuss the problem cases and the treatment of the cases.
Asst. Prof. in paed. dept   do the round the clock duty in paediatric  ward and NB ward
Future plan:
To improve the PICU with all needed facilities.
To bring down the mortality in NB ward and improve the preterm care.

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